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ABOUT harrie

Harrie is a self-taught artist from the UK and grew up in an industrial estate, raised by her loving mother Jannet. She began painting in childhood and never outgrew the habit, instead, she grew into it. 

Harrie holds the philosophy of 'Stay curious, dare to dream, and lead with love...' this sentiment fuels creativity for hours and hours on end. Being no stranger to the complexity of mental health, Harries's artwork is known for its ability to capture visceral emotion. '' ... my art is not an act of escapism, it is an act of survival. Art is how I digest the chaos of life, without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz...''


A special thank you to my ongoing supporters. 


Photographers John and Michelle Whitmore.

Creative Freelancer & Marketing Consultant  Hannah Marquez

Emily Ryan

Danielle  Clark

Gary Bamford


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