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Birth of Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a collaborative duo featuring, Artist Harrie Dearing and musician Gary Bamford. Together they create new work in free flow at live events. As Gary live composes new music Harrie paints,  in this unique symbiotic relationship Gary's work is also inspired by harries visual creation. The outcome is dynamic audio and visual art collaboration. 

Their first album 'SYMBIOSIS' is out now ! Available to purchase HERE !  and to stream on spotify !

The duo are also available to book for live performances and accompanying immersive exhibition. 

Where did it all begin ? 


The pair met through their work with Wrong Shoes Theatre Company. 


Gary collaborates with the company, composing original music for their productions. Harrie is a founding member of Wrong Shoes and is an associate artist with the company, using her skills both in performance and production.

Their friendship grew from their passion for the creative world and their love of cats.


Together, Gary and Harrie have a joyful work ethic and have developed a unique process to create work together. The duo aims for the project to Increase engagement in the arts by creating a gateway for music folk to connect to the visual art world and art folk to the wider world of music. Project symbiosis further creates a unique experience for those with sight restrictions to visualize art through music and for those who have impaired hearing to likewise enjoy music through the hand of the painter. On a personal note, the duo further aspire to inspire mindfulness and participation in the arts as a cathartic exercise for improving mental health.


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