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harrie dearing

Contemporary Artist

' ...  Art is the way in which I digest the chaos of life, without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the witch at the end of the wizard of oz''"


Harrie Dearing is an Artist from the UK, specialising in abstract expressionism. Her work has a storytelling nature, exploring the shifting realms of identity and psychology.  Harrie’s art is a personal act of Catharsis, by sharing her work she hopes others find comfort in the dark.


“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”

Vincent van Gogh.

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Elmer Blackpool 13_04_2024-32.jpg

Photo by David Bradbury



Harries latest Wild in Art commission ... 

''In Spring 2024 Blackpool will be brought to life by a herd of uniquely decorated, amazingly creative, elephant sculptures. The free, family-friendly art trail – a collaboration between Brian House Children’s Hospice, Wild in Art and Andersen Press, brings David McKee’s popular children’s character Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to life.'' 

Elmers Nebula is now out on the streets of Blackpool !

Special thanks to BeaverBrooks for sponsoring Harries artwork for this amazing event. 


Harrie is excited to be collaborating with Neon Dance, as a Cultural connector & Creating an artistic response, to their latest art instillation. Mechanical Bloom Lab.  

Concept: Adrienne Hart & Ana Rajcevic (Neon Dance), with Hemma Philamore (Bristol Robotics Lab,

University of Bristol). Robotics & Telepresence. Hemma Philamore, Alix Partridge & Calum Gillespie (Bristol Robotics Lab, University ofBristol) Visual Design. Ana Rajcevic in collaboration Alix Partridge, Charlie Hope & Star Holdon

Bristol Robotics Lab X: @bristolrobotlab | Instagram: @bristolroboticslab @SoftLabBristol

Neon Dance X: @Neon_Dance | Instagram: @Neondance | Facebook: @NeonDanceUk

Ana Rajcevic Instagram: @anarajcevic_studio

Festival of tomorrow 

Recent Events

LOOKING GLASS : Past exhibition.

16-28. July 2023. MAMS Gallery, Oldtown, Swindon


An autobiographical collection of expressionist paintings  Ft.collections include: imprints of odyssey,  voyer, expressionist tales. 


08-14 July 2023-2.png
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 12.10.31.png

Wild in Art


Harrie was chosen as one of the Artists for the  #BigDogArtTrail 2023. This event is presented by Julia’s House in partnership with Wild in Art. Swindon, get ready to have fun and explore! 

''Get your tails wagging for the biggest and most colourful event in Swindon in 2023. From 15 July to 3 September, more than 30 larger-than-life balloon dog sculptures will be unleashed around town along a free, fun and family-friendly trail...Each giant balloon dog will feature a bespoke design, created by a chosen artist and sponsored by local businesses, individuals and community groups. You’ll have the chance to spot each sculpture on the Big Dog Art Trail, which will take you through some of Swindon’s best-loved landmarks, parks and public spaces.'' 


Projection Mapping

STORIES WRITTEN IN STARDUST is an immersive installation from Harrie Dearing.

FT, Projection mapped  artwork,  Original score by Gary Bamford, Voiceover by Monika Matošević, Animaturgy by Edalia Day,  Photography by John & Michelle Whitmore. 

Previous showing: Feb, 21th to 24th . Swindon Health hydro SN1 5JA, UK.


This Exhibit is looking for its' next venue. Get in touch today if your venue is looking for immersive art events.   



If you have an inquiry about Harries's work, a project to collaborate on, or are interested in exhibiting her work, get in touch today! 

Thanks for submitting!

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