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' ... My art,  is an act of survival. Art is how I digest the chaos of life, without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz...''


Harrie is a self-taught artist from the South West of England.

Raised by her loving mother, Harrie  grew up in an industreal estate.


''The landscape was carved in iron, and adorned in bursts of colour. Graffiti transformed the abandoned rail lines,  into street galleries, disrupting the industrial format... As a kid, The tracks and old carages coverd in graff were my art gallery's. In honesty,  I was oblivious to the street art culture, I couldn't read what the tags said, through my eyes they were abstract compositions of colour smeared across an otherwise bland landscape. I was fascinated by the contrast between, rusted  iron and vibrant colours. As an artist today I am still fascinated with contrast. Wether its texture, colour,  materials or un expected changes in carefully curated formates, within a body of work.''

'' As Spring bloomed, these old track galleries would transform again. Chaotic eruptions of wild flowers would break through the cracked pavement. Rabbits would start to appear, and the starlings would begin to spin murmurations in the sky. There is a sense of pure joy that would build up as I watched the static galleries 'breathe'. As an artist now I capture this same sense of joy when finding new ways to make my exhibitions breathe. By incorporating a sense of theatre into my events, through interaction, live performance,  projection mapping  and immersive elements.''

As Harrie grew,  her fascination with artwork became a cathartic outlet to help her navigate her journey from child  into womanhood.  

'' My art is an act of survival...Art is how I digest the chaos of life. Without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz...''

' ... When I was young,  the tracks and old carages coverd in graff was my art gallery's ''

off canvas 

Harrie has a vivid backround in theatre.

'Theatre is another form that my artwork takes, just like painting, poetry or design, it's all Art'

She is a professionally trained actor, with a first class degree in World Theatre, from East 15 acting school. She uses her artwork in devised and collaborative theatre, and uses her acting and theatre making skills to enhance her art exhibitions.


Recently this has been elevated through power of Projection mapping technology. Thanks to a funded development periodfrom Arts Council England. 

'Stepping into the realm of projection mapping has opened up so many avenues for my visual art and theatre worlds to merge. It really feels like a defining moment on my artistic journey. I am so excited to see where my work goes next'

Harries first projection mapping exhibition 'Stories Written in stardust'  was set in the historic, Health Hydro. A empty Victorian swimming pool in her home town. This  was featured as part of the  'Festival of Tomorrow'. 

In 2022 Harrie began taking her art to the streets, trading large scale set paintings for murals. Starting with a community project, Harrie joined the Redcliffe Collective. A Team of independent artists that set out to paint the largest mural in Swindon. Since then Harrie has painted 6 murals that are dotted around Swindon. There are 3 more planned for the near future. 


Harries latest off-canvas adventure is with Wild In Art. As a commissioned artist participating in The Big Dog Art Trail 2023. 

'Our very existance is an act of Story telling, and story telling is Art' 
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