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' ... My art,  is an act of survival. Art is how I digest the chaos of life, without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz...''


Harrie is a self-taught artist from the South West of England.

Alike meny of us, Harrie began painting in childhood. Often getting into trouble for painting with things like sudocrem, bakebean juice, and wax crayons. Her mother nurtured this creative energy by encouraging Harrie to use coloring books and scrap paper instead. ' Everything i could reach was a canvas, I never outgrew that idea, rather, i grew into it'  

Harrie grew up in an industreal estate. ''The landscape was carved in iron, and adorned in bursts of colour...As a kid, Thetracks and old carages coverd in graff was my art gallery's.''

This environment instilled the transformative power of art, in Harrie from a young age. She belives art is a powerful and rebellious tool for change. It can transform landscapes, inspires minds and can reach everyone, regardless of where you are. 

As Harrie grew she continued to explore the world of art, and developed a deep love of painting. It became a vital part of her life and helped her to navagate the peeks and falls of her journey into adulthood. Where she fully embraced art as a way of life.'' My art is an act of survival. Art is how I digest the chaos of life. Without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the Witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz...''

' ... When I was young,  the tracks and old carages coverd in graff was my art gallery's ''

not just a canvas 

Harrie has a vivid backround in theatre.

'Theatre is another form that my artwork takes, just like painting, poetry or design, it's all Art'

She is a professionally trained actor, with a first class degree in World Theatre, from East 15 acting school. She uses her artwork in devised and collaborative theatre, and uses her acting and theatre making skills to enhance her art exhibitions.


Recently this has been elevated through power of Projection mapping technology. Thanks to a funded development periodfrom Arts Council England. 

'Stepping into the realm of projection mapping has opened up so many avenues for my visual art and theatre worlds to merge. It really feels like a defining moment on my artistic journey. I am so excited to see where my work goes next'

Harries first projection mapping exhibition 'Stories Written in stardust'  was set in the historic, Health Hydro. A empty Victorian swimming pool in her home town. This  was featured as part of the  'Festival of Tomorrow'. 

In 2022 Harrie began taking her art to the streets, trading large scale set paintings for murals. Starting with a community project, Harrie joined the Redcliffe Collective. A Team of independent artists that set out to paint the largest mural in Swindon. Since then Harrie has painted 6 murals that are dotted around Swindon. There are 3 more planned for the near future. 


Harries latest off-canvas adventure is with Wild In Art. As a commissioned artist participating in The Big Dog Art Trail 2023. 

'Our very existance is an act of Story telling, and story telling is Art' 

little difrences

Harrie has a unique cocktail of Neurodivergence's and brain chemistry that contributes to her artistic practice. 



Aphantasia (AKA mind blind) is a phenomenon in which people are unable to visualize imagery. While most people are able to conjure an image of a scene or face in their minds, people with aphantasia cannot. 

‘ My art is my minds eye! Until the moment, my

paintbrush makes contact with the canvas I have

no visualization of what i'm going to create. This

Allows me to create work unimpeded by the idea of

what its suppose to be, or suppose look like. It's very liberating.  I this is a key factor to what makes Project symbiosis work. Because i am not limited by a pre existing visualization and am able to focus solely on the music, and respond to it through the canvas. I also believe that Aphantasia is the reason Im drawn to abstract expressionism' 


Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling. Characteristic features of dyslexia are difficulties in phonological awareness, verbal memory and verbal processing speed. Dyslexia occurs across the range of intellectual abilities.

'' Dyslexia just means my brain works diffrently to others, as a child I was very insecure about it, as it felt like I couldn't keep up, despite my brain working faster than my words. It was confusing and back then the stigma imposed the idea of low intellect, and low expectations of success. Now I have embraced it as just one of those little differences that add up to my uniquely wonderful brain function. '' 

'' I recently learnt that until the 60's Dyslexia was known as Word blindness, I find that wording fascinating and oddly befitting of my experience with dyslexia''


FND Hope explains '

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body send and receive signals. FND occupies a grey area between psychiatry and neurology ' 

'' My FND causes daily seizures, along side a colourful pick n mix of other less than delightful symptoms. It has a large toll on my physical body and my psychological wellbeing. My art is a cathartic act, healing my mind and body.''

''I truly believe that, like freckles , it's our unique composition of little differences that make us beautiful. When we find ourselves in dark places , it Is incredibly hard to find comfort in these differences. But by sharing our stories we offer little glimpses of compassionate light, we learn we are not alone, freckles transform into constellations of hope. So be loud, make art, share those stories ! So that  we can lead each other through the darkness... THAT IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL '' 

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